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Business Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance in Mount Juliet and throughout Tennessee.

We’ll help you get customized coverage in place that will safeguard your company and personal assets from the extra exposure that commercial cars carry with them, whether you have one vehicle or a large fleet.

An automobile accident is never good news, but when it involves a truck or car owned by your company, the repercussions are more complicated. Business auto insurance, often known as commercial auto insurance, combines additional protection with all the features of standard auto coverage.

The ins and outs of Commercial Auto Insurance

For instance, you may often acquire significantly higher liability coverage when purchasing commercial auto insurance to reflect the fact that a business typically has more assets at risk than an individual would. You can also receive collision insurance with commercial auto insurance. No matter who caused the collision, this form of coverage covers for damage to your business car or truck. If you lease or loan commercial cars, this insurance is frequently required.

It’s also important to take employer non-owned car liability insurance into account. Employers non-owned car liability coverage is an add-on or a separate policy that provides coverage for situations in which your employees use their own cars or trucks while working for your company. If they are hurt or their car is destroyed, this kind of protection can assist lower the possibility of complicated legal issues.

For people who own a business, commercial auto insurance is crucial, but selecting the right coverages can be challenging. We can assist!

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Insurance is an arrangement between a company that provides a guaranteed compensation for a specific loss in return for a payment of premium.
A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket toward a covered claim.
The cost of insurance depends on the type of policy you need and many other factors. Speak to an agent today for a quote.
If you own a business, or if you’re a subcontractor, having insurance could definitely provide necessary protection. Speak to an Agent today for details.

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