Power Surges: Causes and Prevention Strategies

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Power surges pose a significant threat to the electronic devices we rely on daily. Understanding the causes and implementing preventive measures can safeguard your appliances from potential damage. Explore the main causes and effective prevention strategies to fortify your home against power surges.

Main Causes of Power Surges

Lightning Strikes

Lightning, with its immense voltage, can wreak havoc on your home’s electrical system if it strikes nearby power lines. While rare, the damage from a lightning-induced surge can be extensive

Utility Operations

Operations related to your utility provider, such as downed power lines or grid switches, can lead to power surges. Equipment breakdowns within the utility’s infrastructure may also contribute to unexpected voltage spikes.

Appliance Usage

The activation of large appliances like air conditioners can cause a surge as they demand increased electricity. This surge travels through your home’s electrical system, potentially harming connected devices.

Preventing Power Surges

Look for The UL Logo

Choose surge protectors with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) logo, indicating rigorous testing for performance and safety standards.

Check Clamping Voltage

Assess the clamping voltage of the surge protector. A lower clamping voltage signifies better protection, as it activates sooner to block the surge.

Versatile Protection

Opt for surge protectors with various jacks, as power surges can enter your home through different routes, not just power lines.

Additional Protective Devices

Consider installing a service entrance surge protection device. This device, placed in your main electrical panel or near the electric meter, defends against external surges affecting electrical, cable TV, and telephone lines. While not a substitute for point-of-use surge protectors, it can mitigate larger surges, offering an additional layer of defense.

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