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Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance in Mount Juliet and throughout Tennessee.

Maintaining your prized classic car represents real time and resources. Quality classic car insurance coverage insures your investment is protected by coverage designed specifically for classic car lovers.

Your classic car is special to you and that’s why classic car insurance is a special category with some key differences to ordinary auto or car insurance policies.

First, let’s deal with the name. Different policies may be called classic car insurance, collector car insurance or antique car insurance. Exactly what qualifies will depend on the insurance company, but usually such policies cover cars that are not only of a certain age, but have distinctive characteristics such as being particularly rare.

Classic Car Insurance Agreed Value Coverage

With classic car insurance, the insurance company typically agrees to a specific value for the car at the start of the policy, which isn’t typical for a normal car insurance policy. This is referred to as an “Agreed Value”. In the event your car is damaged beyond repair or destroyed, the company will pay out this agreed upon value. With a standard car insurance policy, they only pay out the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the loss/claim, which is the depreciated value. Knowing you’ll get the accurate value for your classic car provides peace of mind.

In the event of a repair following a crash, you’ll usually receive authentic parts that may be more costly compared to after market parts which may not be covered on a standard auto policy.

Most classic car insurance policies aren’t for your daily drivers. Many policies allow only limited usage, which means you can’t exceed a certain level of miles per year, or they only cover trips to and from car show exhibitions, parades or while in storage.

Call us today to speak to an Agent about classic car insurance coverage for your classic, antique or collector car. We’ll build a custom policy to fit your favorite ride.

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Insurance is an arrangement between a company that provides a guaranteed compensation for a specific loss in return for a payment of premium.
A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket toward a covered claim.
The cost of a classic car policy is primarily based on the value of the car, the driver and the amount of use of the vehicle. Speak to agent today to get a quote.
If you own a classic, antique or collector car, it’s best to have it on a classic car policy. It’s built to cover the unique coverages needed to ensure your car is adequately insured.

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